The do’s and don’ts for good training of cardiovascular endurance.

In this article we set out 10 pieces of advice that can help you when developing a training plan to improve your cardiovascular health. Please take note… Choose an aerobic exercise for cardiovascular improvement. Remember that aerobic exercises are long lasting (at least 30 minutes), low intensity and without stopping, and energy is mainly obtained […]

5 fresh and nutritious breakfasts with fruit

It is more than obvious to us: we should eat fruit every day, at least two portions. There is a wide variety of sweet and juicy fruit available throughout the year. What is more, its vitamins and antioxidants are indispensable in protecting us from colds in winter and the sun’s rays in summer, not forgetting […]

The mediterranean diet prevents cardiovascular diseases

The Mediterranean Diet is a priceless cultural legacy, a balanced lifestyle that includes recipes, cooking methods, local produce and other customs that are good for the heart, such as the siesta and sociability. Among the many beneficial properties for our health, the Mediterranean Diet is characterised by its use of fats that are good for […]

30 minutes a day are enough to improve your health

 Which physical activity should I choose to improve my health? It is important to have some criteria in mind when choosing the physical activity that we want to do or recommend. In this sense, it is important to take the following three premises into account: An activity that we like (Moreno, 2003:43) The first thing […]

Self-confident adolescents

Having a good level of self-confidence is essential if our children are to tackle the challenges that will appear throughout their lives. Of course, we would all like our children to have a good dose of self-confidence. However, having confidence in oneself is not something that is passed on through our genes; it is a […]

Fun and healthy birthday teas

The time for Inés’ birthday party is getting close and her mum Marta is very clear on two things: she wants the celebration to take place outside, so the children can run around and play as much as they like, and she also wants the tea to be as healthy as possible. Organising an outdoor […]

The importance hidden exercise holds for our health

Do you know what hidden exercise is and what it is for? According to Fuster (2010: pp. 233), hidden exercise is what lies behind our daily tasks and is of particular importance when it comes to remaining healthy. To give some examples, hidden exercise could be walking to and from the shops, going up and […]

Nutritional labelling: do we really know what we are eating?

As well as knowing how much energy the foods we consume provide us with, it is also important to know what we are really eating. We should therefore look at the nutrients they contain and the quantity. When we pick up a product and look at its label, we usually find information we do not […]