Green zones encourage healthy lifestyles

What is the colour of our surroundings? Are we surrounded by green zones or is our habitat dominated by concrete and asphalt? These are not idle questions. In a recent post, we told you that being surrounded by greenery improves our health, literally. Studies also indicate that ease of access to a green zone acts […]

Diabetes and obesity: the cost of ignorance

Alarmed by his latest test results, Luis goes to see his family doctor. – I see your glucose level is 150… congratulations!, the doctor says. – Congratulations, what do you mean? My sugar level is high! – Yes, that’s true. But in a way you are lucky, because most people in this situation do not […]

<i>Power walking</i>: our recipe for keeping in shape during the winter

Basically, power walking is nothing more than walking at a brisk pace. However, it is more than just going for a walk; power walking is ideal for people who want to improve their physical condition but do not have much time, they cannot run, or do not like to, and prefer outdoor exercise, even in […]

Do you have little time for breakfast? Make the most of it!

Get up, grab a quick coffee and run off to work. Does that sound familiar to you? It is quite common. Another case is that of those who get up and are not hungry and eat little or nothing – “I can’t eat so early” – they often say- and it is true, because the […]

Children, to the kitchen!

The kitchen is an excellent school for your children. Letting them help you cook, or preparing their own dishes, is a good way of learning new skills while you share valuable time together. Cooking with Mum or Dad can be the best experience. In fact, good food is one of the great pleasures of life. […]

Overprotected children, overprotective parents

We have few children. Our country’s birth-rate has dropped to 1.38 children per woman and, as a consequence, children have become the centre of the family. Lack of time and too much tolerance and permissiveness have led to an overprotective environment which can be just as damaging as an authoritarian one. However, it is very […]

Pollution: the toxic fumes that damage the heart

Air pollution is one of modifiable risk factors of the main cardiovascular diseases. This means that airborne toxic fumes are directly responsible for thousands of deaths. The levels of toxicity in the air we breathe are closely related to respiratory diseases and lung cancer, but the micro particles present in the air also have an […]

What is your ikigai? The great reward you get from social commitment

The word ikigai is used in Japan to mean a reason for living, the reason you get up and join the fray every morning. It is also a state of mind that combines feeling good with being part of a group; whoever achieves this state is not only healthier, but also lives longer. What do […]

Excuses of a bad smoker: do you hide behind them too?

Have you ever heard yourself, cigarette in hand, say something out loud along the lines of ‘you have to die of something’ or ‘I can give up whenever I want’? Excuses. Smoking kills, and this is not just something written on the cigarette packet: the statistics speak for themselves*; the problem is that giving up […]

Active ageing for a longer and better life

The well-known demographer James Vaupel has calculated that since 1840 there has been an uninterrupted extension of two and a half years per decade for life expectancy – or, in other words, three months per year. The reality is that we now live longer. Longevity is increasingly evident in our country; approximately 17 million Spaniards […]