SHE Foundation - "la Caixa" Foundation

Carla Rodríguez


She is a psychologist specialised in promoting healthy habits and emotions. She has been the centre coordinator and content developer of the SI! Programme since its beginnings in 2010, which has made her the educational and operational coordinator of the programme.

As a psychologist, she has been trained in a wide range of subjects, from the perception of the legal justice system in her PhD research work, through postgraduate courses in emotional intelligence and positive psychology, psychology and sports coaching, neuroeducation, to the expert in psychology and Esports that she completed in 2021. She is currently studying the expert in motivational interviewing related to psychonutrition.

As a psychologist, all her activities are aimed at promoting healthy habits from a holistic view of people, in which physical exercise, healthy eating and positive relationships are interrelated with emotional stability.

Within the programme, what interests her most is the creation of resources and activities for the educational programmes for health promotion, as well as the sessions on stress management, leadership or motivation for change that are carried out in the adult programmes that are developed within the foundation.