Sport reduces the risk of addiction in adolescence

Doing some kind of sport is good for everyone, but even more so for adolescents, because they are going through a stage of enormous physical and emotional change. Using sport as exercise not only contributes to the development of the body but has also been proven to act as a deterrent to taking up harmful […]

The difficult relationship adolescents have with alcohol

The health authorities are raising the alarm about an increase in alcohol consumption among adolescents between 14 and 15 years old. At this young age most secondary school children start to familiarise themselves with drink and the proof is that last year the percentage of those who began drinking alcohol at this age stood at […]

Other habits that also improve your cardiovascular health

Having good cardiovascular health depends on many things, more than we can imagine. For starters, these are the four basic pieces of advice: watch your diet, do physical activity, don’t smoke and go to the doctor when necessary. But we have discovered that there are other habits which are equally effective and which apart from […]

Enjoy life! Optimism can protect you

You can mix a combination of optimism, hope, satisfaction and self-confidence to create a medicinal cocktail your cardiovascular system will love. After many observations of real life cases, it has been confirmed that these sentiments and feelings can help prevent diseases such as strokes and heart attacks. Scientists are conducting research into the relationship between […]

Myths about tobacco

A large number of people start smoking when they are teenagers. The factors that lead to starting to smoke are different in each case but, in most cases, evidence is available that demonstrates the existence of a number of myths about the benefits of tobacco that are very common among teenagers, as well as among […]

Physical activity to improve cardiovascular health

For physical activity to improve our physical condition and health, it should be… REGULAR AND PROGRESSIVE: Encourage and ensure that your son or daughter does progressive, continuous and frequent physical activity, never irregular or discontinuous. If they start after a period of inactivity, it is important to start gradually with moderate activities. MOTIVATING: It is […]