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Physical activity to improve cardiovascular health


For physical activity to improve our physical condition and health, it should be…

REGULAR AND PROGRESSIVE: Encourage and ensure that your son or daughter does progressive, continuous and frequent physical activity, never irregular or discontinuous. If they start after a period of inactivity, it is important to start gradually with moderate activities.

MOTIVATING: It is important that your son or daughter can choose activities they find attractive. Motivation is a basic issue if they are to do these activities over the long-term and to see the activity as a form of active leisure. Monitoring improvements gained in each training session or doing exercise together as a family or with friends can also be a motivating factor for our sons and daughters.

OPPORTUNITY: It is important for them to take every opportunity they have throughout the day to do physical exercise, by making sure that the exercise habit is for a lifetime, not just a passing fad. The family is key to embedding this vision of activity into the daily life of our sons and daughters, so it is important to take advantage of weekends and holidays with family or friends to encourage physical exercise: trips, mountain climbing, cycling … These times are also a good opportunity to learn new ways or options to do sport.

UNIVERSALITY: Everyone can do physical activity. If your son or daughter has an illness, an injury… encourage them to do physical activity adapted to their situation. Physical activity and sports experts can guide you towards the best option.

ACTIVE BREAKS: Remember the importance of active breaks. During periods of a lot of studying, reading or homework, it is important for your son or daughter to have short active breaks (getting up, moving around, walking…) on a regular basis.