The Healthy Communities 2030 project was postponed in April 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic. From the SHE Foundation – “la Caixa” Foundation we have been working all this time on a proposal adapted to the new reality. We have created the necessary tools to comply with the current measures without losing sight of the objective of the study. We have transformed Healthy Communities into a new hybrid model with the incorporation of online sessions led by experts, along with the face-to-face activities already planned. These will ensure all the necessary safety measures to protect the health of the people who participate.

In September 2021 we will launch Healthy Communities 2030 in Sallent and Cardona.   SHE Foundation – “La Caixa” Foundation

What is Healthy Communities? This is a scientific study to evaluate the efficacy of a community intervention where special attention is paid to the main risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. 2,300 people from the municipalities of Sallent and Cardona (Bages) will participate in the study with the aim of scientifically validating that the intervention in a community has a positive impact on the lifestyle habits of its citizens. This will improve health and quality of life, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death in the world Step 1: Measurements The starting point of the project will be the measurements of health indicators. We will use the data obtained from 1150 inhabitants of Cardona and 1150 inhabitants of Sallent to establish a comparative evolution. To ensure scientific rigor, we will make a random selection from the census of both municipalities to find people of all age groups. These people will receive a nominal letter inviting them to participate in the project. During the measurements, data will be collected on weight, height, waist circumference, blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose, muscle strength, eating habits, physical activity, sleep, smoking and stress level. These measurements will be taken in the communities of both Sallent and Cardona and will be repeated throughout the project, which is expected to last ten years.

Step 2: community intervention Once the measurements have been taken, we will start the community intervention programs for health improvement, which will be different in Cardona and Sallent. If you are from Cardona… You will be one of the people chosen as the intervention group. This means that, in addition to receiving a full report on how to improve your health based on the information obtained from the measurements, during the project, you will also participate in the health programs promoted by the SHE Foundation – “La Caixa” Foundation. In this way, you will be able to improve your healthy habits and those of your community If you are from Sallent… In Sallent, on the other hand, you will be part of the control group. You will receive a complete report on the state of your health, where we will give you tools to improve it, prevent cardiovascular disease and have a better quality of life and well-being. As a control group, you will follow the community health strategy of your municipality and you will participate in the programs promoted by the Town Council of Sallent. A special opportunity The study aims to scientifically prove the impact and effectiveness of the strategy designed by Dr. Valentín Fuster based on a model of comprehensive intervention on the health of people at all stages of life, with the idea of establishing a model that can be replicated anywhere else in the world. If these two towns of Bages demonstrate that the project has a positive impact on health, they will be contributing to scientific progress and will become part of the creators of a methodology that can be transported around the world. Both municipalities will be the protagonists of a pioneering health project that will have worldwide repercussions. In order to carry out the project, we have the support and collaboration of the Cardona Town Council and the Sallent Town Council, as well as the primary health care centers of both municipalities. The project’s medical team is coordinated by Dr. Jaume Marrugat, from the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM). We hope that you take part in the project as well!  For you, for your loved ones and for Cardona and Sallent!